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With little girls come dresses, but what happens when your little angel tries her wings and ends up with her hem over her head? This is when you thank God for bloomers, leggings and little girls. My daughters have so many dresses, but some dresses don’t have bloomers that match, or they get stained, or lost; so I designed these “cute fluffy bloomers” (as I like to call them) to solve or at least help with the problem.

You can download pattern here or scroll down to see how to make your own pattern. This pattern is a size 18 month, you may alter it to make a larger size or scroll down to see how you can make your own pattern. To download pattern click on link (here), you will see a photo that says “Forget Me Not Blog” click on the  “view all sizes” button in the right-hand corner. Above the photo to the left are three options: license, download, and sizes, next the download option it says “download the large 1024 size of this photo” click on the button and save in your computer. When you are ready to print make sure you as print full photo. Do the same thing to the second pattern piece. The link above shows one photo there is an arrow to the upper right-hand corner that says newer, click this button to access the second piece of the pattern.

Making Your Pattern


Take your fabric and lay it out on your table in two layers with right sides facing each other, next fold the fabric in half. Place a pair of pants (preferably made of non-stretch fabric), folded in half lengthwise, on your fabric so the outside of the legs is facing the fold and the waistband is 1 inch from the top of the fabric. For sizes 12 months to 3T place pants 2 inch from the fold, for sizes 4T-6T place 3-4 inches from fold. (You can make your pattern of paper by following these directions if you want to.) Use a vanishing ink pin and draw the inseam (shown above parallel to the measuring stick is) at 3 inch length for 12m-3T and 4-5 inch for 4T-6T. Start at top of inseam and go down until you come to the measurement you want(where the hem will be,)  than draw a line strait toward the fold. Next go back to where you started the inseam and trace the line for  the crotch of the pants. When you get to where the elastic pulls the material draw you line straight up. Cut along the lines (the hem, inseam, and crotch)and your end result should look like the photo below.


  1. Fabric
  2. ¼ inch Elastic
  3. ½ inch Elastic
  4. Scissors
  5. Sewing Pins
  6. Thread and sewing machine

All seams are sewn at ½ inch unless otherwise noted.

Use a thread that blends with fabric, I used a dark thread in this tutorial so it would be easier to see.

This tutorial is for  personal use only.


Unfold fabric and make sure the right-sides of each piece are facing each other.

1.Sew pieces together starting at top of inseam and proceeding up to the waist/top of bloomers. Press seam open.

2.            Pin inseam of front and back together and sew. Make sure to pin seams open as shown below.

3.            Next we are going to put hems on the legs. Fold hem once and sew at ¼ inch, fold again and sew at ¼ inch. It should look like this once you have done this to both sides.

4.            Now we will add the elastic to each leg, I made a size 2T and cut 10 inches for each leg; however you may want to measure your child’s thigh. Use the exact measurement of the thigh for the elastic because you will have some overlap when you join the ends. Cut your elastic pin one side at the inseam ½ “ – 1” from hem (this is where you will start sewing.) Place fabric on sewing machine and make sure the needle falls directly after the pin (you don’t want to hit the pin with the tip of the needle because this could damage your needle.) When in position, lower foot and hold back of fabric (this will be behind the foot) securely with one hand than with the other hand stretch the elastic as much as you can and hold it on top of the fabric where you want it to be sewn, then start sewing. Keep elastic stretched and remember if you are pulling on the front you need to pull on the back at the same time. Go all the way around until you are back where you started, you should have enough elastic to overlap each end and sew together back-stitch about 4 stitches to secure.

This is what your bloomers should look like once you have hemmed and sewn elastic to each leg.

5.                 Time to work on the waist, fold and  sew ¼ inch around entire top, than fold 1 inch and sew directly on top of first seam. Do not sew all the way around this time,  you need to leave an opening to insert the elastic. I like to leave an opening at the back of the bloomers, I use straight pins to mark off the section that needs to remain open (see pink and green pins in picture.)

6.                         Insert ½ ” elastic using a safety-pin, poke pin through one end of elastic, close pin and insert into the seam/waistband. Work your way all the way around to the opening while being careful not to pull the other end of the elastic into the waistband (you may want to pin this end of the elastic to the bloomers to prevent this. Now pin ends together, sew just the elastic together; tuck inside waistband and sew the hole closed.

7.            Place both hands on either side of the of waistband and pull out to distribute fabric evenly. Then sew ½ inch long seam directly in waistband at back (see photo.)

Here are your Cute Fluffy Bloomers