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Have leftover fabric after a sewing project? Make that sweet little lady in your life a beautiful outfit for her dolly.

This is a simple 20 minute project using scrap fabric, ribbon, elastic, thread, scissors, pattern, and a sewing machine.


To download pattern click on link (here), you will see a photo that says “Forget Me Not Blog” click on the “view all sizes” button in the upper right-hand corner. Above the photo to the left are three options: license, download, and sizes, next the download option it says “download the large 1024 size of this photo” click on that button and save in your computer. When you are ready to print make sure you as a print full-page photo. It is really simple just make sure you download the largest size and print on full-page setting.

Cut out pattern lay on material, I like to use an invisible ink pin and trace pattern on to fabric, but you can pin and cut if you prefer to.

Take small piece (shirt), start at bottom right-hand corner fold seam 1/8 inch (so wrong side of fabric is facing down against wrong side.) Sew all the way around until you reach the bottom left-hand corner. Fold a second time at the bottom right-hand corner and sew all the way around to the bottom left-hand corner so the bottom is the only section of garment with raw edge showing.

 Next place shirt over doll with right side down and pin back together. Make sure shirt is centered and pinch two folds then pin. See photo below.

Sew darts, fold bottom and sew 1/8 inch seam twice like you did before. Next cut 2, 3 inch pieces of ribbon and sew where you want straps to be. See photo below.

If you are using a larger ribbon fold the ends like in photo

Cut 1, 12 inch piece ribbon, fold in center of ribbon and pin to center of fabric ribbon will hang off each side you will use these to tie shirt closed. Next sew where edge of shirt and ribbon meet and sew until you reach the other side of fabric, don’t forget to back stitch when you start and end. When I made the blue dress I didn’t sew the ribbon on the top of the shirt I left it bare and used 1 snap on the back of the dress.

Now you are going to sew ribbon on the bottom of the shirt, cut ribbon 1 inch longer than the length of the bottom of shirt. Fold ½ inch on backside of shirt (see photo) and sew all the way across the front. Your shirt is done.

Next start the skirt, fold top of shirt 1/8th inch and sew. Cut 6 inch elastic and pin to edge of skirt, lower needle directly after pin holding elastic and hold back of fabric. Stretch elastic (while holding back of fabric tight)  place on seam at top of skirt and sew.

When you get to edge of elastic you will have excess fabric, next you are going to sew the back seam of the shirt. Wrap skirt around doll and mark with pins or invisible ink pin where you want the seam, sew back seam and hem. If you want you can add ribbon to bottom of skirt.